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THE IRE METHOD is unique and different because there is NO CRY involved and a baby's individual needs are taken into consideration. In the years of research I did before creating the IRE method I discovered that babies have natural sleeping abilities and when babies are having a hard time falling and staying asleep if has to do with their abilities to relax and release physically or mentally. My method first helps a baby reconnect to his natural sleeping abilities just by doing some simple day time changes and then within 3 weeks to sleep through the night using  ZERO CRY techniques that work for the long run.

Many sleep consultants say "No cry-it-out" method used but what they mean is there will be cry just the parents will go in the room every 5/10/15/25/40 minutes. In my years of experience I have seen how controlled crying technique or CIO techniques do not work for the long run and parents have to leave their baby to cry again and again several time for the following two years after sleep training. Studies have also shown that babies experience medium to high levels of cortisol when these techniques are used and parents have to harden their hearts disconnect while hearing their LOs cry.    

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