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Become a certified infant and child sleep consultant

Fifty-hour training through Zoom on newborn, infant and toddler sleep! You will learn the influence infant development and psychology have on sleep. You will learn the IRE method, how to put it into practice and guide parents step by step in getting their LOs to sleep through the night using ZERO CRY methods that work for the long run.

You will be guided also throughout all the aspects of the business part of being a sleep consultant. How to: open a business, design a logo, create a website, open social media pages and ideas of what to upload, how to start advertising your services and marketing ideas.

After the training, you will have me as your mentor and have many opportunities to join me in one of my sleep consultations to learn more. You will be a part of the IDSA Facebook group where you will be able to share experiences, ask questions and be part of a community.

Classes will be on Saturdays from 3-6 pm (PT) live through Zoom with the option to participate live or see the recording of the class/es and contact me with questions.

The training costs $1500

Payment options available

You can register with a deposit 

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