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Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Hi! I am Rebecca Hauser, the creator of the IRE method and CEO of Infant Development & Sleep Academy

THE IRE METHOD is unique and different because there is NO CRY involved and takes a baby's individual needs into consideration. Years ago I witnessed a friend and his wife trying to sleep train their 6 month old baby. I saw how they struggled, how they had to harden their hearts to handle the crying and how it took months longer than they anticipated. 

In the years of research I did before creating the method I discovered that babies have natural sleeping abilities and when babies are having a hard time falling and staying asleep if has to do with their abilities to relax and release physically or mentally.

My method first helps a baby reconnect to his natural sleeping abilities and then within 3 weeks to sleep through the night using  ZERO CRY technics that work for the long run. 

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